Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Tale of Two Sisters - An' The Adverb's a Cissy!


I haven't blogged here for such a long time and I apologise, dear readers.  But there's a reason - a good reason, honest!
My sister Barbara came to visit from the hot deserty salty air of Karratha in the North West of Australia for six weeks, armed with a Brit Rail pass for two - and we travelled the length and breadth of England, trekked hither and thither, investigated every bit of woodland, moorland and craggy landscape we could find. We saw wildlife galore in the strangest places, doing the strangest things!
Seagull eating chips in St Ives

Squirrel in Sefton Park, Liverpool
Red Robin, Red Lion, Dittisham, Devon

Hareshaw Linn, Northumberland
Bunny on Northumbria University Campus, Newcastle

St Bees nr. Whitehaven, Cumbria

Preening Swan at Windermere

Digitalis Overdose in Durham!

Heron up a Weeping Willow, St James's Park, London
Moorhen makes a nest in Dover
Family of Ducks in Calais

We flew to Corfu for a week of wonderful wild scenery awash with birds, butterflies and beautiful critters.
Beautiful Butterfly settles on Ground
Stunning Bird in Treetops

Tortoise Crossing the Road
Yellow Butterfly in the Pink (Orange?)
Cheekiest Parrot EVER!
Window-Box Wild Cat?

We rediscovered our roots in LOVERLY LIVERPOOL.

Back to my street in Liverpool 1
My Nanna's house in Liverpool 15

In short, we had a BALL and I'll blog each trip in GLORIOUS DETAIL - so - WATCH THIS SPACE!


On 16th June, I was published FOR THE SECOND TIME by the fabulous FLASH FICTION CHRONICLES with a tongue-in-cheek, 'about writing', piece about the ADVERB.

 Here's the link:

Flash Fiction Chronicles: Adverb: Amigo or Adversary
...and if you go to the 'Little Leaf Guesthouse' Facebook page at:
you'll find 'Adverb' posted there too!!  Thank you Little Leaf - the best B and B not only in St Ives, Cornwall, but in the whole country too!!

 My commissioned article about GORGEOUS LA GREZE and the stunning countryside and hilltop villages of the MIDI-PYRENEES in Southern France has been published online by TRIFTER.  Here's the link:
Gorgeous La Greze of the Tarn
John and Judi of La Greze
So...thank you for your patience constant readers...
...And I'll talk to you soon

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Boats 'n' Barbeques!


The boat I'm talking about is the Shields ferry that runs between North and South Shields.  We popped down to take a look at this icon on a blue-skied, sunny Sunday afternoon at the new ferry landing at North Shields. 

The boat was tethered (anchored?) taking on passengers who were about to make the seven minute journey to South Shields.
The famous Chain Locker pub that overlooked the North Shields side has gone, to be replaced by the majestic 'Chain Locker Apartments' (for rich yuppies only!) with its listed exterior called 'The Crane House'.
The infamous 'Jungle' that also overlooked the Tyne at North Shields has long gone, to be replaced by beautiful Collingwood mansions apartments.
Me and Collingwood Mansions
How the world has changed, hmm? 
And then we saw SWANS.  Yes, SWANS - on the River Tyne no less.  Oh, yes, the world has certainly changed!  I remember clearly, when nursing at the A & E department at Newcastle General Hospital (oh, dear, that's gone too) if anyone fell in the River Tyne, they were unlikely to survive the filth and pollution of the Tyne.  Now there are salmon -and SWANS. 

I came here to do a bit of last minute research for a story I was writing for the ALIBI television channel's annual story-writing competition.  Fingers crossed for me, dear readers, please?  The story is about an old Scottish busker whose already gammy legs meet with a crowbar after a trip on the Shields ferry to perform at South Shields Market.  It's called

Me and Phil in Sausage mode!
After we'd pulled up shrubs, potted tubs and baskets, mowed the poor old dilapidated lawn, we were ready for some fun, the garden being SET FOR SUMMER!!

Mr Jim Cat ran up a tree and pawed at us forever from his lofty position!

Rosie Cat went to bed!

We set up up the barbeque, hungry and ready for a good old beanfeast.  We cooked sausages and burgers for Phil and Dave; a lovely bit of salmon (NOT from the River Tyne, I don't expect); a big old salad bowl - YUM!

Maybe Summer's here, finally, CONSTANT READERS 
Talk Soon