Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Saturday Soiree, Sunday in the Sun - and Swans!


Iron Man
I had the greatest night out with 'my girls' in Newcastle last Saturday.  
At Pinocchio's Restaurant

We had a lovely Italian meal in Pinocchio's, after rummaging around the courtyard of the Black Swan where a stunning statue of the 'Iron Man' is displayed in all its glory!  

 Leah and I did a 'knees-up and bums-out' around the statues at Central Station (much to Dawn's chagrin) after tanking up just an eensy-weensy bit in the Long Bar!

Tan Stripes on Show (Dawn is definitely NOT AMUSED!)

Big Laughs in Flairs
Givin' it Large!
We boogied on down at the famous '80's bar, 'Flairs' just off the Bigg Market .  The fascinators and posh frocks were out in force after Ladies Day at the Races.  And, oh, what a superb time we had. We laughed all night at the afro wigs and the Arnold Schwarzenegger look-a-like-ee(!) We danced and sang to all the golden-oldie songs of the 80's - and cocktails and southern comforts were on our Long Bar and Flairs menu.  Mmmm!
Then we all bought a girls' night out key ring, complete with photograph- how very BIZARRE! 
The Three of Us...
The garden's looking great, now that summer's here, the sun's out (most of the time!) and my tubs and baskets are vibrant with all the colours of the rainbow.  This year, my resident blackbird is getting fat on cat food and my resident frog hops about happily, catching flies and enjoying the watering can. 

So this hungover Sunday afternoon, we 'hung over' in the garden until it was time to go down to Newcastle's Tyne Bar to see the 'Scoundrels' rock band.

The amazing sounds of Russ's Stratocaster and Ronnie's blues harp echoed as we parked the cars down the road.  Maybe they heard those soulful sounds all the way down the Tyne to the Wear!  The band played on the famous open-air stage, with perfect acoustics under the tunnel of Ouseburn Lock.  After a great afternoon, Leah went off to Walker, Dawn and Steve drove to Sheffield - and Dave and I went home to CRASH!!  

 It's been a busy couple of weeks.  I've been taking part, once again, in the Writers Weekly 24 hour writing contest.  It's the greatest fun, any of you competitive writers out there.  It's an American company - and I know they're bone fide, having already won an honourable mention prize from them last Winter.  If you're interested in joining in with the next one, go to: - or just click on the shortcut link below

I've also entered the WOW Women on Writing Quarterly Flash Fiction contest (750 words max).  That's great fun too.  I keep getting to first base with them - but no further.  MAYBE THIS TIME!
If you want to enter - or join WOW - go to: 
or just use the shortcut below:
Click to Download the SUMMER 2011 FLASH FICTION Contest Terms & Conditions PDF 

You can read my short, short fiction story, 'Oh, Lord', published by Authspot Online, if you click on the link below:

Oh! Lord

And my latest penning for North East Life, 'North Meets South on the Shields Ferry' is at:

North meets South on the Shields Ferry


It's been time, this week, to write about my experiences in Windermere (See my last Writing for my Life blog, 'A Tale of Two Sisters'). One of the articles is PARTLY about SWANS, the other is ALL about SWANS.

My North East Life Blog, 'Walkers Ticket on Windermere Lake' will be published soon.
My Article, 'Swan-ee, How I love Ya' will be up for publication soon too.  
I'll give you both links when I get them.

For now, CONSTANT READERS, au revoir.  Talk to you SOON