Friday, 25 November 2011

November, November, a Month to Remember


The month of November has been a hectic whirlwind of writing, writing - and more writing. 
 But I managed to take a little time out to go and see Will Young perform at the City Hall in Newcastle, with my 'sorta daughter', Dawn - and her daughter, Leah.

We went for dinner first, in the bar on Percy Street that used to be called The Old Orleans - but I'm darned if I can remember what's it's called now! 

 And then, two minutes walk around a couple of corners and we were there at the City Hall on Northumberland Road all set to see Mr Will Young himself!
He didn't disappoint.  The opening of the show was a novel and quirky theme:  the band came through a black panelled front door, complete with brass door knocker, one by one, until Will Young himself landed centre stage through that same door, complete with raincoat and bowler hat. 
 I liked the idea.  Great fun.  The crowd roared when that overcoat came off!

 Will interacted with the audience with excellent aplomb throughout the evening.  He sang a few old favourites, like 'Think I'd Better Leave Right Now' and a great rendition of Kate Bush's golden oldie, 'Runnin Up that Hill', but for the main part, he sang tracks from his new album, 'Echoes' including his hit single, 'Come On'.  His voice sounds glorious live.  He really does have a beautiful singing voice.  And what a performer!  He gave it his all. 

During, 'Silent Valentine', thousands of red heart confetti pieces fell from the sky over Will on stage.  It looked tremendous.  In fact, all of the lighting and effects were brilliant throughout the whole performance. 

I loved his band too.  And his backing vocalists were superb.  And at the end of the night, when the audience were shouting for more, more, more - he gave us more, more, more...  All-in-all, this was a great show.  You're a winner, Will Young!


The Roasting Hot Terry Chestnutt

Before I tell you anything else about this month's writing achievements, I just must tell you about an online writing buddy of mine - Terry Chestnutt.

It all started when we were chatting via Triond messaging and the topic of his fabulous Haiku website came up in conversation.  Needless to say, I subscribed to the site (it's free, constant readers) and mentioned to Terry that I'd written some haiku and an article about haiku and senyru poetry.  He loved my stuff and asked me if I wanted my pieces on his website.  Well, of course I said "YES!"

THEN, he offered to massively distribute my senyru article online with links to my website.  Well, of course, again I said, "YES!" And so, I think I can say that Mr Terry Chestnutt has become my PR man, don't you, constant readers ??? What a grand job he's doing for me.

Here's the link Terry sent me:
Haiku/Senyru Article for distribution

Visit Terry's (Wrath Warbone is his pen name) Examples of Haiku website at:
Examples of Haiku
where you can click down the left hand side column to find my pieces, 'Haiku by Sheila Newton' and 'Sorting Haiku from Senyru: it's Human Nature!'
Thank you Terry Chestnutt.  The following haiku are for you:

My Main Man, Mr Wrath Warbone
Thanks to you Terry
for being my PR man.

Terry, the Fruit and Nut Case
Terry's a Chestnutt
A brazil and a walnut
A plum and a peach 

Read his hilarious article, 'When I Win the Lottery' at:

You sure are a winner, Terry Chestnutt!

 Alice in Wonderland tells it like it is!
I was thrilled to have my third - yes, my third - 'about writing' article published on Flash Fiction Chronicles this month.  It's entitled 'A Wonderland of Wise Words' - but you'll have to read it to get the 'Alice' connection!  Here's the link:

A Wonderland of Wise Words

...or if you've missed the other two articles, 'Waltzing with the Word' and 'Adverb: Amigo or Adversary?' you can view all three on:

 Red Room
...that's Red ROOM not Red RUM - it's a writing site for promoting blogs and books etc - it's not a race horse!
I've been a member of Red Room for months, but never got around to writing anything on it.  Anyway, there was a blogging challenge - 'Write about the best photograph you've ever taken'.  So I did!  It's a little competition too - so who knows - I might win! It's entitled 'The Magic of the Wave Chamber'.  Here's the photo and the link:

The Magic of the Wave Chamber

Shaken and Stirred the name of the Boneshakers' new blues album.  The Boneshakers are the band I blog for, on:
  Rockin’ with the Boneshakers

 and I've just penned an Album review on North East Life Magazine Online.  Here's the link:
 Shaken and Stirred – Boneshakers’ Album Review


I'm Moonstruck to be awarded another Wikinut Star Page

I recently got my third Wikinut 'Star Page' for one in my 'Le Grand Tour de la France...' series.  I was pleased as punch.  Here's the link:

Le Grand Tour de la France - le Deuxième Jour

The third day of the series is also published on Wikinut at: 
Le Grand Tour de la France - le Troisième Jour

Tales from an Ionian Island

My epic series, telling of my week of adventures on the Greek island of Corfu, is completed.  I've given you links to COR! PHEW!, DAY ONE, DAY TWO and DAY THREE.  Here are DAYS FOUR TO SEVEN:

Tales From an Ionian Island – Day Four (Ημέρα τέσσερα)

Tales From an Ionian Island – Day Five (Ημέρα πέντε)

Tales From an Ionian Island – Day Six (Ημέρα έξι)

Tales From an Ionian Island – Day Seven - Ημέρα επτά

 I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I've enjoyed writing them,constant readers.

Red Hot Boots

I've just learned that the online publisher, Every Day Fiction is to publish my flash fiction story, Red Hot Boots sometime in the near future.  Wow!  They're a publisher I adore.  Their critiquing service is second to none. I look forward to really excellent short stories coming into my email inbox every day - so this is HUGE for me.  I'll give you the link when it's published. 


North East Life Photography

 When I pen my articles for North East Life online, I occasionally submit a photo or two into the 'Reader Photos' section for a bit of fun.  Well, the other day, Vijay, their design editor, emailed me to say they want to put one of my photographs into the next edition of North East Life Magazine.  Blimey!  And it's my photograph too - not my husband's - MINE - ALL MINE!  Taken with my trusty Coolpix camera.  He tells me the photgraph will be published sometime just before Christmas.  How's about that, then???  I'm a budding photographer! And here's the famous photo!

And last but not least ...

I'm a NaNoWriMo Winner!

In my last blog post to you all, I had decided to take up the National Novel Writing month challenge - to write 50,000 words of my novel, Lavender Cat.


Well, just so's you know - I DID IT!  Yes, I did it - penned more than 50,000 words in the month of November.  I'M A WINNER!  Read all about it.  Click on the link below:

Limbo Dancin’ to the Winning Post

So everyone's a winner on this blog post, constant readers
Talk to you again soon.  I hope your fingers are aching from click-click-clicking on all these links!