Thursday, 12 January 2012

It's a Bright Time...Not the Write Time!

It's a Bright Time...
Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.  And sorry it's taken me so long to get back to my beloved blog and all of you, my constant readers  after the Christmas and New Year festivities.

Christmas Chez Sheila
With the house decorated from tip to toe with 'birdie' trees and hallway garlands, lights over the hearth and festive shelves in my den, we were all set for a grand Christmas 2011. Just us - me, my husband Dave, my son, Phil - and the two cats, Rosie and Mr Jim.


Christmas Day
Up with the larks on a bright Christmas morning, we began to open presents.  There were so many of them!  How lucky were we??  There was even a present apiece for Rosie and Mr Jim: a blue mouse and a brown rat, for heaven's sake!  And they loved them - played with them all day, sniffing out the catnip and clawing like crazy.

Then it was time for a bite of Christmas brunch with festive jams and marmalades.

Looking out of the patio door, I saw a young robin come calling for the first time.  how's that for a festive treat, constant readers?  He's been a regular visitor to the bird table and the hanging nuts and fat balls ever since.

Our best feathered friend, the blackbird came a-calling as usual.  He gets tamer and tamer.  He's even started posing for photos!

A 'play with our new Christmas toys' interlude was followed by Christmas dinner in the early evening, with the posh china on the table and the crystal glasses for the wine and the Cassis liqueur we'd brought back from our road trip to France in September.

We watched TV for a while, eyelids drooping gradually after a great day.

Boxing Day
Dave played bass guitar with the fabulous blues band, the Boneshakers at their 'Xmas Shindig' at the Tyne Bar in Newcastle.  I wnet along to enjoy the fun and take some snaps and video footage for the 'Rockin' with the Boneshakers' blog and a North East Life online review.  It's been my joy and pleasure to maintain the band's website and to act as their PR person over 2011. And long may it continue.  And what a great gig it was.  Boxing Day went off with a big huge BANG!  Fabulous performance - you rock, guys!

New Year's Eve

Tonight, Dave was playing bass guitar with his other amazing party band, the Gatecrashers, starring on stage at St Peter's Club, Byker in Newcastle.  

My niece, Leah, was there - and I so enjoyed ripping up the dance floor with her.  Made me feel like a carefree teenager again, it did.  You really rock, Leah, my little darlin'!  

Of course, I took some fab snaps and video footage to write them an article for North East Life magazine, online. Nice commission, eh, constant readers.

Dave and I caught the fireworks that went crazy all over Newcastle and North Tyneside on our way home from the gig - then it was time to relax with a glass or two, a home made pie-and-pea supper and Jools Holland's Hootnanay on BBC2.

New Year's Day 2012 
Last year, on New Year's Day, we went for a walk on the South Shields coast - and so enjoyed it, we thought we'd make it a tradition.  So this year, Dave and I popped along in the car to Whitley Bay and St Mary's Island to blow away the cobwebs of the new Year's Eve festivities.  Boy was it COLD!  But oh, it was so enjoyable too.  A couple of hours with the sea breeze, the surf and the seaweed set us up nicely for what I hope will be a great 2012.  
And to top it all, we saw cormorants on the rocks too.  Don't you just love cormorants, constant readers?

Not the Write Time... 
I put away my lap top for the whole of Christmas (Clever girl!) on December 23rd 2011- and didn't open it up again until January 3rd 2012.  Now wasn't that brave of me, constant readers?
Inundated with emails, 'stuff' to write etc., I went into panic mode for a few days.  But I'm getting back on top of it all again.
Here's what I've achieved since the last time I blogged:
My 1000-word flash fiction piece, RED HOT BOOTS was published on  EVERY DAY FICTION.  Here's the link:
Here's the link:
My article,  A CHEERY, CHIRPY MAKE-BELIEVE CHRISTMAS was published on the WIKINUT site to mark this festive occasion.
Here's the link:
and WIKINUT published the next in my road trip to France series, UNE SEMAINE SUR RIVIERA FRANÇAIS
Here's the link:
My post prior to the above article was awarded yet another STAR PAGE by WIKINUT for LE GRAND TOUR DE LA FRANCE - LE QUATRIÈME JOUR.  I could get used to these STAR PAGES! Here's the link:
My story and haiku verses, THE CATS' DINNER was published by THE REAL OWNER.
Here's the link:    
My very short story, THE KEY OF THE DOOR was published on AUTHSPOT.  
Here's the link:

My article, THE DAY I MET JOHN HANNAH was published on AUTHSPOT.
Here's the link:

And finally, my photograph of Kielder Forest accompanied by a photograph of your truly has been published in the glassy - yes glossy - pages of NORTH EAST LIFE MAGAZINE.  And this is the page I was published on:
 So here it is...Merry Christmas...Everybody's having fun...

Hope you had a fun Holiday Time, constant readers


Talk soon, constant readers


  1. Great share, thanks. Looks like you do christmas well

  2. That's terrific! You house looks so cheerful with the decorations everywhere! I just put up a one foot tall plastic tree on a little table. Shame on me!

  3. Yeah - we do Christmas probably a bit too well! OTT, methinks!

  4. all the pics are lush sheil, had a great new year too thankyou it was lovely having you out partying too x

  5. Looks like you had a great time!

    No writing for 10 days? This constant reader is struggling to believe you! ;-) Looks like you've been a busy bee since you got back into it. I enjoyed the Red Boots story, and your piece about writing the novel. I'm sure I'll get around to reading a few more pieces shortly.

    Yours trying to resist making a cheap gag about loving a good cormorant myself....

  6. Wow great christmas, and gee you have done so well having all those published. Congratulations on that.

    1. Thanks. I recognise that pic of yours frome RedGage. must follow it up!

  7. Sounds like success is following you aruond. Glad you had a great start to the new year. Keep us up to date with al your publised work :)

  8. It looks like you had a great set of holidays Sheila (and are you just everywhere on the web??)

  9. Sheila, I have just joined your google connect. Hope you will join me too.
    Thanks and regards,

  10. Oh how I love this colorful blog;an inspiration in itself.

  11. Thanks so much to Eddy, Travelmuse,Audrey and Faith. I really appreciate your comments.
    And to PROfessional, please don't visit here if you know what's good for you. Porn videos indeed!Go away!