Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Birthday Bonanza

Well, folks, it's HAPPY 61st BIRTHDAY to me on Saturday.

The day before my birthday, we'll be off to Barcelona for a long weekend.  Our hotel's pretty much central from what I can gather.  Never having been there before, I've googled it like crazy and there's such a lot to see.
Mostly, I think, we'll be off on the Gaudi trail.
Last weekend, I was part of a 24 hour writing contest with Writer's Weekly.  What a fantastic experience.  For any of you writers out there who might be interested in joining the next one in the Spring, here's the link:
So there I was, sitting in my den at my lap top - with my birthday flowers and my birthday banners surrounding me - writing for my life, all day last Saturday.  A real birthday bonanza! The banners and the flowers were early presents from my partner, Dave.  Sweet, hmm?

So all that remains for me to say is, wish me Bon Voyage, constant reader - and Ola Espana! Talk to you when I return.


  1. Have a good one. Enjoy the Gaudi

  2. How did the writing contest go? Were you pleased with the result? Was it HARD? And of course, was it FUN!??! :-)

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Yes, it was so HARD, it nearly ripped my head off!! Seriously thought, it wasn't hard - and I LOVED it! I've already put my name forward for the Spring contest.