Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Welcome Message

Welcome, one and all, to my new blog, Writing for my Life - and that's exactly what this blog's about.  I'll be posting something about once a week.  Sometimes it'll be about my writing - sometimes it'll be a diary piece about something that's happened in the week - sometimes it'll be a rant or an observation about something in the news.  Whatever, I'll be writing regularly because that's what I do now - WRITE.

I started writing in 2010 around April.  I retired in 2008 after working all my life.  I'd been a qualified nurse for over thirty years: I'd been a teacher of further and higher education for nearly seven years.  So you see, I'd always had a career - a profession - and now, well, I was in the doldrums.
I tried my hand at assisting in schools voluntarily with P4C (Philosophy for Children).  I had a go at assisting people with learning disabilities with their daily living in a day centre.  But I needed a profession! I needed something to get my teeth into.  So I took a big bite out of the world of writing - and here I am.
Last year (2010) I had around a dozen stories and articles published online: I took on an e-learning course in creative writing:  I joined an online writing community.: I set up an online critiquing group and have an online writing and critiquing 'buddy'.  Everything's going great guns - but I plan to do better - much better! So take a stroll with me and I'll walk you right off this page and on to my 2011 journey - and beyond!

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  1. A brand spanking new blog for 2011, nice.
    * * * G O S H E I L A ! * * *