Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Le Grand Tour de la Belle France

Cours Mirabeau - Aix en Provence
La Grand Tour de la Belle France 
Me and Phil - On the Road
We've (that's me, partner Dave and son, Phil) just returned from a super road trip to France, touring from Calais to Besançon via Lac d'Orient; onward and down to Annemasse via the Source de Lison, Pont du Diable and Geneva; then down to Aix en Provence via Evian les Bains and along to the Côte d’Azùr - to Port Grimaud and Les Prairies de la Mer. There, at the Prairies, we spent seven glorious days in a luxury caravan soaking up the sun, the sand, the blue, blue seas and the white, white waves of the bay of St Tropez.
Travelling back to Calais, we stayed at La Grand Croix, St Etiènne to visit Les Gorges de la Loire, visited picturesque Sens and Pont Sur Yonne.
Me 'n' Dave - Shores of Lac d'Orient

Evian les Bains on Lake Geneva

Quaint Buildings in Sens

Annemasse avec du Pain!
                        Source du Lison                             

  Pont du Diable(Top Left) Doubs, Besançon(Bottom Left) St Tropez Bay (Right)                       
Lac de Grangent, Gorges de la Loire
Our Caravan at Les Prairies

Beautiful Pont Sur Yonne

When we weren't staying at Les Prairies in the caravan, we stayed at Formule 1 hotels - cheap as chips but bijou, clean and cosy.
Outside the Formule 1 Hotel, Aix en Provence
Port Grimaud
We had only one rainy, windy day in the whole fifteen days.  The rest were just a whole host of glorious warm sunshiny days. Mmm...lovely.

Write on:

I wrote a poem dedicated to my France travel and published it online at Wikinut - here it is (it's no great poetry feat, but lots of fun, I hope you'll find!) 

Calais à Provence – en La Belle France
I'll be posting articles and a travel blog all about my French road trip soon.  So watch this space constant readers!

Lightning Flashes:

Invited to co-author a blog of Flash Fiction with my very good friend and writing colleague, Vidya, entitled Lightning Flashes, we'll be up and running as soon as I get my head around the damned technology!


My travel blog, Red Hot in Cool Corfu, is out there now.  So is the first of a six part series about my Corfu travels.

Visit my travel blog:

Red Hot in Cool Corfu
and the first of my six part series,

Tales From an Ionian Island – Day One (ημέρα ένας)

- at:
Creative Writing Course:

After quite a long break from my creative writing workshops, I joined a new ten-week one last Friday, run by North Tyneside Adult Learning Alliance, held at the Shiremoor Centre every Friday morning (morning??!!  I don't DO mornings, constant readers!).
The first session, with Julie as our tutor and seven of us students, went off with a big bang.  It was great.  I'm expecting to get a lot of inspiration from this.  I'll keep you posted on this too,
My first piece of writing was about a pear (!!!!) and I've already had it published on the Wikinut OnlinePublishing Site.  Here it is:

Pear Prose

Boneshakers Interviewed on Bishop FM

Go to my website and link to this blog page at: 
Boneshakers Take Bishop FM by Storm – Shaken and Stirred

...and you'll find a link to the radio interview.   
**I’m proud to note that if you go to 40 minutes into the interview, yours truly gets a fanfare mention for her ‘Rockin’ with the Boneshakers’ Blog!  Thank you Boneshakers - and what an IMMENSE interview it was.

That's it for now, constant readers .  I'm getting back in the swing of writing again after France.  So keep reading my blog.  It's great to have your company.  Talk to you SOON.


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